The Sleepwalker (CHERUB) [Robert Muchamore] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Teen special agents investigate a deadly plane crash. An airliner explodes over the Atlantic leaving people dead. Crash investigators suspect terrorism, but they’re getting nowhere. A distressed twelve- year-old. 5 Mar Summary: A bitchy collection of annoying children secret agents finally leave the paintballing behind to investigate a major plane crash. A very.

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James is now getting too old for the regular missions, and so he has to do work experience.

The Complete Series Rick Riordan. All I have to say is well done Robert Muchamore. Jake attacks Hassam from behind and saves Fahim. I love the mix of different genres that it had. To ensure the highest standards of reliability, routine servicing and repair work was also done on campus, along with occasional special jobs, such as fitting a car with a hidden compartment or installing listening devices. I’m sure she was included for just that reason, because while these are generally touted as “get boys reading” books, girls do tend to read more, and Lauren is very much the CHERUB In some ways, this book lacked the stakes of others in the series, but that also made it that much more interesting.

Cherubb on campus 16 year olds are being sent on work experience.

His father usually takes out his anger on his mother, but he has started to move to him as well. I thought the training excersise was too long and convoluted.

CHERUB: The Sleepwalker : Robert Muchamore :

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It is an extremely dangerous job, but these agents have one crucial advantage: I thought this book was fantastic, all the cherub books are great and this one was no different, full of action and suspense. Check out the options available through Archway Publishing. Paperbackpages.

James is getting into trouble on campus, while Lauren has an air crash to investigate It could be a breakthrough, but there’s no hard evidence and the boy has a history of violence and emotional problems. Elsewhere, a horrendously stereotyped Asian family father all dodgy business and threats of deportation, mother merely subject to physical abuse, covering it up with lies and veils, child a confused and violent loner might also have something to do with the downing of the plane. Hassam takes Fahim to his brother’s house to arrange his escape from the United Kingdom, but Fahim throws antiseptic in his father’s eyes in an attempt to flee.


While serving their punishment together Kerry admits that she still has feelings for James and the two kiss.

Shadow Wave Robert Muchamore. The cherubs are looking into leads regarding the mysterious downing of an international flight.

Robert was inspired to create the CHERUB series by his nephews’ complaints about the lack of anything for them to read. In the campus’s setting, we get to see what the cherubs are doing and are able to catch up with the activities of other main characters, including James.

The website will then calculate your reading speed and give you your WPM. Mac returns under tragic circumstances, which for me defined the book more than anything else. I especially enjoyed the scene where Jake redeemed himself by stopping Fahim’s father when he was cornered by Police Marksmen and he snuck behind and stopped him, leaving Fahim’s unharmed.

Divine Madness Robert Muchamore. I enjoyed the twist I enjoyed every page of this book, from when it started with an intense scene of inside the plane crashing and how it makes you feel like a bomb was the cause of the crash, and how well Fahim’s character deepens through the story as you learn about his family and how abusive his father is.

I found this book really appealing and found it a really good book cause the fact that they linked different lives of teenagers together into one book but had a lot of rude parts recommended for older readers.

Empire of Storms Sarah J. Although I am not very far into it, I think I have a pretty good idea of what the theme is. Book ratings by Goodreads. United Kingdom Australia 7 February [1] [2]. The investigators of the crash suspect foul play, potentially due to terrorism, but aren’t sure.


Jan 05, Austin ; rated it it was amazing. This is an amazing, fast paced book that many w The Sleepwalker is a great book about a kid in a top-secret division of MI5 called CHERUB, which recruits the most intelligent and fit kids on the planet to help solve crimes all over the world. Get relationship help, parenting advice, healthy recipes, and tips for living a happy life from our author experts. This includes hearing his father’s phone calls, his thoughts on his current situation, and the fights that occur between his father and mother.

CHERUB: The Sleepwalker : Book 9

Mad Dogs Robert Muchamore. The first book will be called People’s Republic. Out of ten I would only award this book six it was good and ok story plot but there were no really exciting bits in it. This book had me hooked from start cherug finish, it was hard to put down.

Meanwhile, James has been assigned work experience with his friend Kerry at the Deluxe Chicken restaurant.

The Sleepwalker

But this person has an issued off bad dreams xherub mental problems. Want to Read saving…. I wish that Fahim’s father and brother were actually involved in terrorist activities, but couldn’t be convicted due to lack of evidence.

The main action takes place on campus and in America. This book focuses on Lauren and Jake, as they are now of age to go on full missions. Thanks for telling us about the problem. While it helps a little with defining character, and is a slerpwalker and to-a-point engaging way of proving you can write a set piece, it is completely unneeded.