Stripped. So how did I get myself into this situation, you ask? Simple: desperation . When you’re faced with being homeless and hungry or taking off your clothes. 14 Nov I bought Stripped by Jasinda Wilder because the blurb on the cover said “He’s a movie star sex god. She’s a virgin and a stripper.” Sign me up. 28 Aug In Stripped by Jasinda Wilder, Grey is working as a stripper to get through college .She has been on her own since she left her home in Georgia.

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I will continue to read anything she writes; anything. Sincerely – The Critic View all 12 comments. See all 10 questions about Trashed…. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

If someone could explain to me exactly how it’s supposed to be so much better than Shades, though, uh, that would be great, because I got nothing. And we could also add that Dawson also won an Oscar for Best Actor. That’s just me, and it was something that lessened the couple’s moment for me. I can’t really describe Stripped as light because it’s not, yet I can’t describe it as heavy, because it isn’t.

It’s not, it’s gross. This woman’s writing is absolutely stunning, clear, precise and the picture and story that is written for the reader could not be better. It has fake written all over it and I’m confused and frightened at the fact that people actually loved it enough to fancast the main leads and write gushing reviews about it.


None of this was Jasinda Wilder’s fault because many, many readers love the idea of soul mates, but as a reader without feeling what they feel, it’s hard for me to, well Hooker boots, I’ve heard them called.

Btw, not even he knows. She’s different from steipped girls.

REVIEW: Stripped by Jasinda Wilder

He aims to do that After months and months of looking for a job that can cover her half of tuition Grey does something she never thought she would do. Will Grey fall into the world of sin, and if she will, is she going to be lost forever or jasijda she redeem herself? However, money is soon running out and so she hasn’t got any choice but to strip her way through col How did this get from syripped possible 5 star read to a 3? The hardest part to take for me was Grey’s dilder to cry at everything.

She uses dance to channel all her inner thoughts and feelings. View all 87 comments. I did not feel the plot needed for Grey to be quite so helpless.

Stripped | Author Jasinda Wilder

jasida He’s an alpha male who likes occasionally to be “dominated” by Grey and is turned on by it. She’s an amazing woman, both inside and out. I found that to be a fantastic quality. It doesn’t feel like the author was trying. But with this one I felt the entire story was rushed and the storyline itself lacked. At one point, he had to chose which path he wanted wolder take.


But hey, wouldn’t you be if a sexy movie star was trying to woo you into bed? OD’d when she was three years old and so she ended up in the foster home system.

At least, the author was hinting at that.

Adam was wonderful he made no apologies for his successes but he also stayed grounded and jssinda who we was it that made him very likable.

You think I’m exaggerating.

And then she did it I’ve seen the kind of dancing those I’m surprised Wilder didn’t give her uncontrollable projectile diarrhea.

Des Ross is such a gem of a character. Need you actually say that out loud?? Dec 18, Mercedes added it Shelves: I actually find more body diversity among sex workers like strippers and escorts than I do reflected in TV shows willder magazines.

Grey really should have been a character I liked: Not expecting anything in return from her, he wants to make sure she is safe and happy!! Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Gray is left in a very emotionally charged situation. Something hotter, deeper, and more possessive. Great alpha male character. Jasinda Wilder [image error]

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