In the document Comments on some recentwork by Shouryya Ray by Prof. . To conclude, Shouryya Ray has obtained analytic solutions of the problem (1). 27 May Shouryya Ray worked out how to calculate exactly the path of a projectile ” When it was explained to us that the problems had no solutions. 21 Jun Shouryya Ray, Year-Old ‘Genius,’ Didn’t Actually Solve Newton’s Ray’s solutions allegedly allowed for exact calculation of a projectile’s.

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I do think that it is correct to regard this as a mathematics problem, but physicists might be better situated to know what it is all about.

Physics > Classical Physics

It’s like a hint. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Here’s the full equation also from the original site. Yes, this is a duplicate. His family moved to Germany when he was 12 years old.

I have been unable to locate his findings via the Internet.

When you go to this page and you click the picture, it enlarges it. This accepted answer on physics. Here’s the paper by Parker if anyone’s is interested. But it still is amazing, especially at such a young age. Here’s summmary of what I’m reading through the interwebs: The square of the velocity is: Shouryya Ray worked on how to calculate the precise path of a projectile under gravity and subject to air resistance.

He then validated his results numerically. Mathematics Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Solve the differential equation:. Keith 2 Comments on four recent papers. One needn’t be a “genius” to know this much calculus at age Solve the differential equation: Causal Analysis in Theory and Practice.


Teenager solves Newton dynamics problem – where is the paper? A German year old has become a worldwide phenomenon and the first person who managed to solve a mathematical problem that Sir Isaac Newton posed more than years ago. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

The riddle that would not die. Given the level of prerequisites that he had, he made great progress. I came across some news stories regarding Shouryya Ray, a year old German boy of Indian origin who has apparently solved a problem posed by Newton. When he says average equation, he thinks that textbooks contain this approach and it is taught in third-year courses at the university. May 28 ’12 at Consider a projectile moving in gravity with quadratic air resistance.

Shouryya Ray Archives – Thore Husfeldt

Anyway, the trick used to solve the ODE is quite clever, especially for a year-old. Category Archives for “Shouryya Ray”.

This solution is implicit, therefore it has little use in actual calculations as you would need to numerically solve it in order to use it, you might as well solve the differential equation numerically directly. Thus the drag acceleration due only to friction is [the preceding should probably read “the impedance acceleration due to friction plus gravity is”]: May 27 ’12 at We are left to see, what kind of discoveries will Ray make in the future.

We hope that this small text gives the necessary information to the mathematical community, and that it allows the community to both put in context and appreciate the work of Shouryya Ray who plans to start a career in mathematics and physics.


First, the two problems are solved fully analytically generalized context, they are then compared with numerical solutions and, finally, on the basis of the analytical solutions derived statements about the physical behavior. I would love to be wrong, but generally, that’s what these things are.

It seems the achievement has been highly blown out of proportion by the media. Everyone is simply running after the boy and his origin. If the right-hand side is “const.

The father said that Ray never discussed the project with him and that he used math equations that are even beyond his reach. Experience from a Developing Country. Youth Research Awards received: Ray also managed to solve an additional problem which involves the collision of a body with a wall, that was posed in the 19th century. An Interview with Dr. Teenager solves Newton dynamics problem – where is the paper? The collision energy was derived in by Hertz, a linear damping force has been known since Stokes But yeah, my comment does look confusing, as the exact same equation isn’t there.

Thus the drag acceleration due only to friction is [the preceding should probably read “the impedance acceleration due to friction plus gravity is”]:.