Originally posted by Joe Kamenar: model and the question is can the company get a percentage of the assignment fee. I think you’ll find that the answer is no. FIND AND ASSIGN How to Make Fast Cash in Real Estate Without Cash, Credit or Risk Joseph S. Kamenar, MBA Includes. Fill & Sign Online, Print, Email, Fax. Expert Author Joe Kamenar. For those looking to get into real estate investing in today’s market, there is a unique way to profit without needing.

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You will learn what to say to these lenders, how to put together an Investor Packethow to put together a presentation, and a request for financing. And, if you combine this with Bonus 9, you can do all this with nothing down! Track your motivated sellers, so they come back time after time.

Why banks often end up with their foreclosed properties.

Real Estate Course Blog – Real Estate Investing Course Reviews: Joseph “Joe” Kamenar

After just two property inspections I felt like a seasoned buyer, since I learned what to look for before making an offer. I want to give you software titles, including e-books, products to resell, marketing tutorials and a whole lot more.

No risk to your personal credit. And remember, if used properly, Knowledge is Power! Face it, you would not be reading this information on wholesaling real estate or flipping properties if you were not interested kameenar making lamenar in Real Estate.


Monthly net rent, interest, depreciation, pre-tax income, pre-tax cash flow, after-tax cash flow. The download link to this e-book is included with your purchase.

This is truly a wonderful course and a must for those who know very little to nothing about real estate investing. I also give you an overview of what a hard money lender is and why they are important in this kqmenar.

I must say that you really give more info than I’ve received in a long time. It was OK for the most part, except the people running it rushed us all through it without spending time making certain we understood all of their concepts I also can help you put together a local joint venture program to fund a rehab project, complete with project management from myself.

Note that airfare is not included. I’ll even tell you where to find Excel for free from sssign unique website. Ways to Make Money in Real Estate.

Is it Legal to Earn a Commission on an Assignment Fee?

How to find properties. View all Local Real Estate forums. Log in Email Password Forgot password? Plus, the internet resource list was great.

Is it Legal to Earn a Commission on an Assignment Fee?

I am working on a website that lets investors who have a purchase agreement assign that agreement to an end-buyer, in exchange for an assignment fee. I will send you the page book in PDF format, plus a zip file containing all kammenar forms, agreements and letters.


And much, much more! You will also learn how to find sellers who can’t sell their home and who may be open to letting a new buyer take over their mortgage payments so they can move kamdnar. Newer Post Older Post Home. No credit score requirements.

Some of the topics include: I’ve been telling everyone I know, whose interested in learning about real estate investing, about your course.

This is money from private lenders that is not subject to the same restrictions that traditional lenders require.

Password Use at least 8 characters. Credit Mentoring and Consulting Inc. While that is a great way to bj money, it does take a combination of cash, credit and risk. The hardest part of this business is finding properties.

Ways to Make Money in Real Estate I will tell you kammenar the traditional ways of making money in real estate, plus give you some of the things that can go wrong in the process.

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